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Bodyworks Fitness

With Nancy Silk, ACE Gold Certified Fitness Instructor and Advanced Pilates Instructor  989-790-2928.  Nancy provides a friendly and fun atmosphere where your safety and results are top priority.  She has over 25 years of experience as a group fitness and pilates instructor.  Classes are constantly evolving while adhering to efficiency and safety standards in the industry.  Enjoy classes such as: Pilates Mat – a mega toning and strength class with uplifting, updated magic moves.  Barre & Pilates – upbeat barre and updated pilates magic tone, lift and sculpt.  Cardio Intervals – great jump or no jump, pumped up, playful moves to melt fat, short intervals, very fun and doable, light weights and core on the floor! Come and try it, first class is free!

Contact Nancy and receive updates on her FACEBOOK page

Learn to Dance

With Angela Markle 989-921-0262.  Swing, Salsa, Line Dancing, Social and Ballroom.  Private lessons are also available.  This is a great way for either a beginner, or those who would like to continue beyond the group class.  You will find it much easier and faster to learn with one-on-one private instruction.  Call to schedule your lesson.  Special rates available for wedding parties and private groups.  Call for a complete class schedule.  Angela holds classes in various exciting locations.

Contact Angela and view her upcoming classes on her FACEBOOK page.

Cardio Mix

With Nancy Johnson 989-284-6142.  Cardio and strength training for all levels.  Every Wednesday 5:30am.  First class is free!


With Sharon Hutchinson  517-404-2399.  Pilates for strength, toned, smooth and beautiful muscle definition.  Mixed with a little yoga to integrate your hard work on  a cellular level.  Remain strong and flexible to balance your life in every way!!


Contact Sharon about her schedule times on her FACEBOOK page.

Restorative Yoga

With  Kathryn Spagnuolo (404) 539-2147.  Breath focus, deep seated stretches and gentle music.  Beginner friendly.


Vinyasa Power

With  Kathryn Spagnuolo (404) 539-2147.  Power yoga flow with energetic music.



With  Kathryn Spagnuolo (404) 539-2147.  Vinyasa yoga flow with energetic music ending with deep restorative stretches.


Yoga Sculpt

With  Kathryn Spagnuolo (404) 539-2147.  Bootcamp style workout.  Yoga with weights, cardio bursts, total body workout with energetic music.  Please bring a mat, water, and maybe a face towel.Must pre-register for Yoga Sculpt.


Easy Flow

With  Kathryn Spagnuolo (404) 539-2147.  Extremely gentle yoga class, mixing breath with yoga postures in a calming candlelit atmosphere.  Great class for beginners.


With  Sara McCoy (616) 328-4645.  Dancefit is a fun and upbeat workout that incorporates hip hop dance moves with fitness moves. Getting fit the fun way!!!
Class fee is $5.


Contact Sara and view her current class schedule on her FACEBOOK page.



Step-by-Step Dance Studio

With Judy Rodarte (989)475-3944  Our dance studio is here to achieve and find each dancer’s inner strength and to build self-expression, confidence, grace, poise, style, and positivity.

“Dancing with the body is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another”

Step By Step Dance Studio offers a wide variety of classes to meet every dancer’s needs:

Baby Steps and Movement (2 year olds)

Preschool (3-4 year olds) – Tap, Creative Movement, Toddler Tumbling

5-6 year olds – Tap, Pre-Ballet, Acro and Jazz

7-9 year olds – Tap, Ballet, Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop

10-18 year olds – Tap, Ballet, Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical

Adult classes – Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop

**Some classes are offered as a combination including 2 or more dance styles**

Ages are a guideline, dancers will be evaluated at the first few classes to determine their experience and dancing technique.




Please contact the instructors for their most current class schedules.