I have been a licensed massage therapist since April 2016. I graduated from Dorsey School of Massage in February. It was an honor to be chosen to speak at the graduation ceremony in April and also to be nominated and awarded the MACCS Outstanding Student Award. Since graduation, I have been a proud therapist at Serenity Spa and Salon. My experience here has taught me that I chose wisely in my decision to change my career and become a massage therapist. Helping people is my passion. I fulfill my passion whether it’s a relaxation, therapeutic, or medical massage.


Tabitha’s Reviews

We came in for a couple’s massage and we both could not be happier.  Ryan said that was the most relaxing massage he has ever had.  My massage was absolutely perfect!  We could not be any happier or more relaxed.  Thank you so much Tabitha and Carmen!  You ladies are the best and we hope to have you both next time!  ~Pamela and Ryan Romain


Tabitha is wonderful!!  ~Niky


Very much enjoyed my massage!  Celebrating our 24 year wedding anniversary.  ~Lori


She was friendly and knowledgeable.  Very relaxing massage.  ~Kayla


This was the best experience I have EVER had!  She was amazing!  I have never been this relaxed in my life.  She had hands of heaven and make me feel like I was on cloud 9. I will continue to come here and request her again.  ~Molly


I felt so refreshed and relaxed after my massage with Tabitha!  Her service is EXCELLENT and she’s VERY knowledgeable!  ~Cecelia


Tabitha is very caring and concerned about the guest’s comfort.  Doesn’t seemed rushed.  She has gentle, yet firm hands.  I have a condition in my back from carrying babies on my hip as a child.  It has gotten worse with age.  ~ Ella Hunt


Very good 🙂  ~Harman


Tabitha has a master touch and can relive your daily stresses away.  I will definitely be back.  Thank Tabitha I feel like a million bucks.  ~Nell Blair


Tabitha is an excellent massage therapist.  I felt like a new person after my massage.  She made my overworked shoulder feel so much better and I fell totally relaxed.  Two thumbs up!!  ~Marla Hoffmann


Wow!  Tabitha was a very good massage therapist and I thoroughly enjoyed my 60min massage.  Her touch was warm and soft, yet strong and skilled.  I will be back for sure!  ~Stephanie


Great job!  Very relaxing!  ~Clay C.


Sooo amazing!  Very relaxing massage.  Exactly what I needed.  The best massage I have ever had!  ~Brooke C.


Very relaxing!  Thank you!  ~Sarah S.


Awesomely Awesome!!  ~Region S.


Very good service.  Very attentive.  Left me feeling very relaxed and revived.  ~Omar


She did an amazing job!  Definitely one of the most relaxing massages I have had.  Thank you!  ~Sam S.


Great job!  ~Roger R.


Amazing, will come back. Very Nice. ~Nicole


Relieved tension and shoulder soreness gone. ~Thomas


They were great will be back. Thank you. ~ Sade


Excellent!! Wonderful job! ~Tracy


Fantastic, very relaxing. Very professional and manner. ~Ivory


This was my 1st massage and I have never felt so relaxed. I am so happy that my husband and I decided on this. It will not be the last! ~Angelene


Best massage therapist, and most relaxing massage. Thank you. ~Ahmed


Great job. I feel like a new man. Definitely want her on my next visit. ~Michael


Very Good! Nice and respectful. Felt very comfortable and relaxed! ~Adam


Absolutely amazing! Paid great attention to the areas I asked her to and found other spots. I didn’t even know were sore! One of the best massages I’ve ever had! ~Amy


My first massage ever and it was the best ever. Definitely me and my girlfriend are going to be back soon. Thank you. ~Richard


Awesome deep tissue massage! Will be back! ~Debbie


Wonderful massage! Very precise and professional. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 17 years and have worked for Aveda 6 years in the past. I feel so amazing and relaxed. She brought me back to life after recently having a baby. ~Venus


Great job on my neck. Love the oil used to clear my sinus. ~Robert


Both amazing! Quiet and relaxing just like we wanted! ~ Kyle


This was the best massage I’ve ever had. Tabitha you were so wonderful and I Was very comfortable with you. Just the right amount of pressure! Thank you soooo much! ~ Danika


I enjoyed my massage very much. Tabitha was very good on pressure and did all the right places. I would ask for her again. ~ James


Excellent-Did a wonderful job. Was always asking how I was doing. ~ Kim


It was my first time getting a massage and I will be back! So relaxing and just what I needed. Tabitha did awesome! ~ Maurena


Wonderful job! Thanks so much. ~ Kristin


Perfect. Very accommodating. Checked in on me throughout. Put me at ease. Paid attention to my problem areas. Amazing how much better I feel after an hour. ~ Alyssa


Awesome Sauce!! Coming again soon! ~ Roberto


The best Thank you so much. The best! ~ Damont


First massage ever and it was great. Not possible to top it! ~ Samantha


Really enjoyed it. Relaxing environment. Great job. ~ Kristie


Thanks that massage was great. I left feeling like a million bucks! Thanks again ~ Benita


Great job. Very professional. I thought I died and went to heaven. My muscles so sore until this massage. Thank you so much! ~ Candace


Tabitha is amazing! She really pays attention to detail and is really efficient. She always works out my problem spots and I leave super relaxed. ~ Dafing


Highly skilled. Best massage I have ever had! And I have had many! Thank you! ~ Dawn


Great experience, first time w/the massage, will be back again!! ~ Anthony


Excellent massage. Very relaxing-she was very considerate and did a wonderful job. Thank you. ~ Linda


My massage was amazing. She took all of my stress away in an hour. Thank you Tabitha!! ~ Casaundra

Absolutely amazing! Tabitha worked out all my knots and kinks. Her hands are so soft, yet strong. I will definitely come back to her! ~ Rebecca

Very nice, personable, well knowledge. An overall great experience. I would definitely recommend! ~ Joseph


My massage was great! We chatted the whole time. Love that she has a social work background and such a great soul. ~ Destiny


She was awesome! Loved every second! ~ Rachel